Why Use an Accident Management Company

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An accident management company traditionally offers an end-to-end service that handles claims from accident participants. If a claims management company charges you 25% of your payment, as well as a lump sum to settle your PPI claim, you can get your money back at no extra cost to yourself. Claims management companies are companies that act as intermediaries between claimants and companies against which claims are made. They appeared in the media spotlight after the uproar over the PPI mis-selling scandal. While the cost of an accident is entirely claimed from the guilty party, it`s not uncommon to be stung by a list of hidden costs that are charged to you by an accident management company, and it`s certainly something you should pay attention to. In short, an accident management company can be a great way to eliminate the stress of the consequences of an accident for which you are not responsible. The main benefit of using a claims management company is simply the added convenience and security you get when you turn your case over to a group of professionals. This is where professional accident management can help. At Integrity Claims Management, the team of dedicated consultants handles all aspects of your claim and demonstrates the true importance of the customer experience. With CRASH, you are put in position as much as possible as if the accident had never happened. Northern Ireland`s largest accident management company is here to help you after an accident. Accident management companies are involved in resolving all aspects of a post-accident insurance claim. At CRASH, we work to establish collision liability to decide how you can make your claim, either through the other person`s insurance company if you are not at fault or if you need to make a claim for your own policy.

Claims management companies exist to help customers make claims of various types by handling paperwork and administrative details at a cost. It is important to note that in the event of an accident, it is still advisable to report it to your insurer for informational purposes only. CRASH Services can work with any insurer on the market, so you don`t have to worry about your accident for another second. You do not have to pay an expensive deductible, all expenses will be reimbursed by the guilty insurance company Being involved in an accident does not mean that you have to give up transportation. Many of the claims you might handle wouldn`t be particularly complicated if you just dealt with yourself. This is especially the case when it comes to PPI claims, hence the focus on claims management companies during the PPI mis-selling scandal. As soon as news of the scandal broke and many rushed to file claims against companies that had wrongly sold them PPIs, claims management companies rushed to the top and offered people their services as best they could. Our service is free and we organize all aspects after an accident, including: vehicle recovery, replacement vehicle, repairs, working with insurance companies to make your claim as easy and stress-free as possible.

As an accident management company, we can also provide legal and medical support to ensure you receive your full claim. After an accident, dealing with your insurance company`s call center is the last thing you want to do. While it doesn`t seem so bad on the surface, the problem becomes clear when you compare the cost of using a claims management company to the ease with which you could claim your poorly sold PPIs yourself. If you are to blame for an accident, direct payment through your insurance is the only option available to you. However, if you are not at fault, processing your claim through your own insurer may affect your no-claim premium. An accident management company will mitigate this risk by taking charge of the file for you, from the moment you report the accident until the repair and replacement costs are reimbursed by the offending party. Make sure you look around and don`t get sucked in by whoever has the strongest marketing. Do your research and make sure experience and professionalism are at the top of your checklist when it comes to choosing a particular company to handle your claim.

When you purchase your insurance, you choose to pay a deductible in the event of an accident. A car accident is a difficult experience that comes with a list of challenges you have to overcome in addition to your busy daily life. Here are five benefits of using an accident management company with 25 years` experience in Northern Ireland. There must be hundreds of thousands of drivers on the roads of the UK who have never hit another car, let alone been involved in an accident requiring an insurance claim. Injuries resulting from an accident occur regularly. Processing a claim requires expertise and incurs costs related to employing claims handlers that most insurers don`t want to do, as most have an agreement with an accident management company like us to provide you with a vehicle and process the claim. You can also join Integrity`s Club 20 Multi-Policy, which includes a host of other related benefits in addition to entitlement to the full claims management service, including up to £100,000 in legal protection. You also have the right to use a replacement vehicle for up to 15 days or, if applicable, a replacement vehicle for the duration of the repairs, even if you have been involved in an accident. We are an award-winning FCA-regulated company that has been in the industry for over 10 years. Unfortunately, minor and more serious injuries occur regularly after an accident.

After an accident, contacting insurers and going back and forth with the offender`s representatives can be confusing. From guaranteed accident repairs to the workshop of your choice to relationships with insurers on your behalf, CRASH takes care of everything. While the benefits are clear and the lure of not damaging your no-claim bonus or avoiding the hassle of dealing with the consequences of an accident yourself can be an attractive prospect; Accident management companies also have their pitfalls. In addition to repairing your vehicle and providing a temporary replacement, accident management companies can make your post-accident experience more comfortable overall. With this in mind, Northern Irish drivers who call CRASH Services after an accident for which they are not responsible can expect a timely rescue team to be dispatched immediately. If an accident wasn`t your fault, your no-claims premium shouldn`t suffer, so let the specialized CRASH Claims team help you make claims against the other person`s insurance company. At CRASH Services, we believe that no driver in Northern Ireland should suffer a loss as a result of an accident that was not their fault. Find out by reading this guide if it`s worth contacting a claims management company or if you can make a claim yourself without paying a fee to an intermediary. Whether you own a Bentley or Vauxhall Corsa, we can provide you with an equivalent replacement vehicle within 4 hours of the fall inspection, delivered anywhere in the UK, to ensure you are put back in the same position as before the accident.

However, if you are involved in an accident for which you are not responsible, you have other options. Of course, you can always go directly to your insurer, as you are required by law to report a claim, but you are not obliged to use their services after an accident. In fact, you may find that you`re better off using the services of an accident management organization such as Integrity Claims Management Ltd. Over the past two and a half decades, CRASH Services has helped more than 100,000 drivers in Northern Ireland after being involved in an accident. The PPI mis-selling scandal in recent years has boosted the claims management industry.