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For more information, click here: www.sbs.txstate.edu/billing.html single tickets start at $15 for adults and $8 for students, and can be purchased by phone at 512-245-6500 or online at txstatepresents.com. International students automatically receive a guaranteed $1,000 scholarship every four years, which qualifies them for state tuition. Currently, this saves students nearly $13,000 in tuition and out-of-state fees, totaling $52,000 over 4 years. In addition, academic and needs-based scholarships are also awarded to qualified students. TXST is one of the cheapest programs in the country. We have the added benefit of being able to pay government tuition to our international and international students. Transfer students apply as transfers to the university; However, you will need to audition for the next first-year musical theatre cohort. Please note that the program of our musical theatre program requires a four-year commitment, regardless of the previous training. “I had an incredible experience in the footsteps of the choreographer. This piece allowed me to choreograph pieces for a choreographers` club and I was lucky enough to have my piece go viral on Facebook last year. The following semester, I will be able to dance Captain Ragtime and choreograph a number for the production.

The Texas State choreographer`s track has given me the best of both worlds because I am able to pursue both my passions at the same time. – Beau Harmon `20 The composer track in Texas State University`s Musical Theater program offers many opportunities for talented musicians and composers/songwriters. Composers have the opportunity to work one-on-one with visiting leading industry composers under the auspices of the Harrison/Bowman New Works Commission program. In addition, these young composers have the inestimable chance to hear their peers` works in workshops and even in full productions. In the second year, musical theatre students spend the semester creating a culturally appealing original piece, in a collective examination of who they are and what they represent both as artists and as people. The goal, in part, is to give students the opportunity to explore their unique voice and perspective as storytellers and how they can bring it to their work. The second-year project provides students with a space to collectively develop as creative leaders in the art form through the collaborative process of creating original works. Yes, our showcase is very popular with the best professionals in the industry.

For more information about our showcase, visit our Senior Showcase page. “As a student who went through the university audition process, I have to say that my interaction and audition experience with Texas State University`s musical theater program was the best experience I`ve had. In first year, I felt welcomed (long before my first day of school) by current students, faculty and alumni. The advice I was given before starting my first year was incomparable to what my other friends have experienced with other programs! – Madeliene Bourgeois `22 “The Mental Wellness course gave me the tools to work more effectively and with greater consideration for my health. I applied these skills to my education, schoolwork, and life, noticing huge differences in the quality of my work and overall satisfaction. I am so happy to go to a school that values a holistic approach to training and offers skills that teach us to put our well-being above all else. – Camille Duvall `21 “It`s so important to believe in yourself as an artist, and that comes from believing in yourself as a person. The mental wellness lab can help you with this; to really believe that you are enough. -Colin Trudell `21 *Please note that directing is a mandatory course in the musical theatre program, with the option to take an advanced directing course. “The Mental Wellness Program offers many useful tools for managing stress and setting daily personal goals. These tools are just as useful in life as they are in school, and I often use them to make sure I`m focusing my energy on the important things and to prevent a bad time from turning into a bad day. —Riley Edwards `21 “The mental wellness program really showed me how to take a break from my day and reflect on how I feel.

Especially in this career path, it can become a habit to start, but now I have the tools to slow down, take stock and continue my day conscientiously in a healthy and productive way. I live very differently in the world now and I am so grateful for these tools! -Emily Edwards `21 “It was one of the most artistically enriching, if not the most artistically enriching, experiences I`ve ever had.” – Samantha Beckman `22 “How lucky am I to be in such an incredible and supportive environment? Of course, there are other amazing programs, but I really believe that the sense of community that we have here is special that other places don`t have. Everyone is full of love and support and wants everyone to succeed here. What we have here in the state of Texas is so beautiful. -Rachel Webb`20 Previous examples of student production and/or directing opportunities include: “I feel like I`ve been given a hint of creative freedom!” – Anyae Reed `22. We are looking for artists who embrace the art of storytelling in all its forms and not just pursue their careers. We are looking for courageous and curious individuals who are inspired by the learning process and engaged in the learning process, serving through their art form and developing their unique voices as artists. This allows our classes to be fully integrated, as the musical theatre faculty only serves our musical theatre students. The program has been designed to be collaborative in all aspects, with each class informing and building on the other classes. Musical theatre is an art form in its own right, and as such, the program was designed to reflect that. The average class size is 12 to 14 years.

With a total of 10 full-time faculty serving a total of 50-56 students simultaneously across the program, and 3 additional faculty working with TM students who are part of the BFA Acting faculty. A student should expect a lot of individual attention. This is what sets TXST apart. “At Texas State, I was able to explore, demystify and learn exactly what a producer does. My first year, the program manager, approached the program to see if anyone wanted to produce an open mic night at a local bar looking for weekly entertainment. I had never said anything like this before, but something inside me told me to do it. That`s what I did. My job was to create different theme nights, find talent for each show, set up venues and coordinate with the bar owner. Then, in my senior year, I had this dream of starting a cabaret upside down on Broadway.

So I turned to the program manager and she said, “Great. I can find you the room, a stage manager, help with the promotion, etc. just take care of the recovery. In the end, I produced and directed the show. I auditioned, created the rehearsal schedule and directed. This cabaret had become an annual event and one of the many works produced and staged by the students supported by the program. Click here for an article on Lead Victoria Gresham by Texas State University star Miranda Ferris “As someone already struggling with mental health issues, I`ve learned new techniques to organize my thoughts and emotions, analyze them, and then actively work to transform them from thoughts of negativity into thoughts of positivity and productivity.” -Austin Kelly `21. * Dramaturgy and writing courses for television/film/web series are also musicians in the program who are interested in music direction have the opportunity to work closely with the program`s music direction department, including mentorship with award-winning faculty music directors, the opportunity to serve as assistant music director on main stage productions, and even serving as principal musical directors for productions composed or directed by students. The choreographic track allows students to be mentored by faculty choreographers and to acquire the necessary skills to work as an assistant or choreographer in the profession. The track is tailored to each individual, but may include: During their junior and senior years, musical theater students have a number of business labs designed by Broadway veteran Kaitlin Hopkins.

Texas State`s philosophy is to create a family culture that translates into a system of lifelong support. Our current students and alumni are part of a mentoring tradition called Bigs/Littles, where every new freshman has two upper-class men who are their “greats.” This relationship continues throughout the 4 years spent at Texas State, with our alumni actively involved in helping our students transition to the professional world. Our Bobcat families are also actively involved in the program`s commitment to the community. “What I always hear from industry professionals is to take the opportunity to get behind the table and experience the musical theatre process from a different perspective.