Odisha Police Rules

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Odisha police have been accused of failing to respond to intelligence reports. [6] He has also been criticized for delaying the police recruitment process. [7] Several high-ranking police officers were convicted of corruption. [8] [9] Parallel to the founding of Odisha, the “Orissa Police” was created on April 1, 1936. The detachment was a force of 4,000 trained men of all ranks. The Orissa Police Manual (OPMR) was introduced in 1940, which contained rules and regulations on the powers, functions, and duties of the Police Department at various levels. The Odisha Police, abbreviated OP or OPS, is the law enforcement agency for the state of Odisha in India. Its headquarters are located in Cuttack, the former capital of Odisha. [2] The Odisha Police Department is headed by a Director General of Police, currently Sunil Kumar Bansal, IPS, and reports to the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of Odisha. The authorized strength of the Odisha Police Force is 72,145; Women account for one third of the total number sanctioned for directly recruited posts of plainclothes policeman, deputy inspector and deputy police commissioner. This achievement makes it one of the leaders in this field among Indian police services.

The Odisha Police Department received an award from the National Crime Records Bureau for the best implementation of information technology in the country. [4] The Odisha Police Department was also praised for having the second best police station in the country. [5]. The Odisha Police Department has the following organizational departments: The Odisha Police Department is organized into ten police departments, most of which are divided into districts. The Orissa Military Police was established under the Orissa Military Police (Government of Odisha) Act VII of 1946, which was established on 1 March 1946. Until 1980, the Orissa Military Police served the state with its two battalions. Gurkhas and Oriyas. Under the Orissa Military Police (Amendment) Act 1980, the name “Orissa Military Police” was changed to “Odisha Special Armed Police (OSAP)”. After that, the department accomplished many remarkable feats, progressing steadily with the latest equipment, weapons and ammunition. The District Voluntary Force (DVF) is a special police unit specializing in anti-Maoist operations. The Odisha Special Armed Police consists of 8 Odisha Special Armed Police Battalions, 6 Specialized Indian Reserve Battalions, 4 Social Security (SS) Battalions, 2 Specialized Indian Reserve (IR) Battalions and one Special Security Battalion under the Bhubaneswar-Cuttack Police Station.

The Odisha Industrial Police Force (OIPF) is a security force established to protect public and private industrial enterprises in Odisha. The force was established in 2012 under the Odisha Government`s Odisha Industrial Security Force Act. The Special Tactical Unit (STU) is a special anti-terrorist urban warfare unit, composed of members of the Special Operations Group (SOG), who are trained alongside the National Security Guard (NSG). The force has made Odisha, the country`s third-largest state, after Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, a separate force for fighting terrorism in urban areas. The Special Operations Group (SOG) is an elite paramilitary unit specializing in neutralizing terrorists, insurgents and extremists. Force is currently used mainly to counter left-wing extremism. The Government of Odisha approved a total of 5600 Special Police Officer (SPO) positions to reflect the employment of SC and ST in 2008. Currently, the force has a sanctioned strength of 1521 men.