Nota Legal Df Sorteio 2020

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In addition to the draw, the legal opinion grants credits for IPVA and IPTU discounts. Launched in 2008, the program is a tax education measure that promotes the issuance of invoices and increases the collection of ICMS and ISS. One of the tickets for the second largest prize in the draw, worth R$200,000, is a purchase of R$320.87 at The Brazilian House store in North Asa. The second lucky one who won the same amount requested that the CPF be included in a 37.85 reais note issued at the Dona de Casa Supermercados in Planaltina. The Economic Secretariat of the Federal District has published the next edition of the legal note, which was published in the Official Gazette on Tuesday (16.8.). The date is December 23, 2022. Invoices valid for the competition are those issued between November 1, 2021 and April 30 of this year. The Economic Secretariat of the Federal District has published the results of the latest draw of the Legal Note 2022 program, in addition to the list of the first 100 planned banknotes. To participate in the prize draw, the consumer must have no debt to the Treasury and must be registered in the Legal Note program before October 10, 2022. If you make a purchase in a commercial entity of DF or a service provider, it is necessary to request the CPF in the note and register on the portal. The draw was held on June 28 to distribute the 3 million reais in prizes, which increased from 100 to 500,000 reais.

The lucky ones have until December 24 to access the program portal and provide their bank details in order to receive the amount due. A total of 12,600 tickets will be awarded, out of the 51,335,194 generated for the draw. A total of 3 million reais will be distributed in the form of prizes ranging from 100,000 to 500,000 reais. A resident of Águas Claras won the biggest prize in the raises 500,000 debt draw. The lucky person spent R$116.78 to buy tickets to a unit of the Big Box network, in the same area where he lives. The Economic Secretariat of the Federal District has extended until this Saturday (25) the deadline for the communication of bank details for the exchange of prizes from the last draw of the Legal Note program in December 2021. The deadline would have expired on Wednesday (22). The winners of the draw for legal notes were announced in Wednesday`s issue (6/7) of the Official Gazette of the Federal District (DODF). The Secretariat of the Economy (Seec) has published the list of the 100 winners of the highest values (see here). A total of 12,500 people received the first draw of the 2022 program, available on The Legal Note portal. During the first half of last year`s draw, 5,616 winners failed to make it into the nominations and about R$659,000 were left behind.

In 2020, 5,220 people lost a total of R$565,000 in prizes. The establishments that generated the most tickets for the draw were supermarkets, pharmacies and restaurants. (1) The consumer must register in the protected area; 2) Select the “DRAW” tab; 3) Select “PROVIDE BANK DETAILS TO CREDIT THE PRIZE”;4) Click on the icon under “VIEW DETAILS”;5) Enter your bank details;6) Once the final result of the prize draw is disclosed, the consumer must open a virtual service unlock the prize. After the draw, the Ministry of Economy sends an email to the taxpayers drawn. It is important to keep the data recorded in the Legal Note program up to date. Just go to the 4) Select the desired draw, then the “PRICE” option; This year`s first draw will take place on June 28. All tickets issued between May 1 and October 31, 2021 will compete for prizes.

Originally, the price was scheduled for May 24, but according to the Secretariat of Economic Affairs, the change was made “for administrative reasons.” The R$50,000 winner requested the exchange of the prize. Participants can check if they have been randomly drawn on the program website. Get news from Metropolis on your telegram and stay up to date! Just access the channel: 2) After entering the restricted area, click on the “DRAW” tab in the top menu. On June 28, 2022, the first draw for legal tickets in 2022 took place. Check out the full publication and check if you`re one of the lucky ones: 1) To get started, go to the protected area of the portal, located in the upper right part of the portal (click HERE) and fill in the “CPF” and “PASSWORD” fields; The prize drawn by the Legal Note program can be awarded on the website of the Economic Secretariat of df – Photo: Brasilia Agency Minors must carry out the procedures relating to the winners of prizes worth R$ 10 thousand or more. The event will take place in the Adelssaal of Palazzo Buriti and will be streamed on YouTube. Three CPFs won R$100,000 each. Purchases of R$ 28.42, R$ 9.98 and R$ 88 were made in a verdurão, a pharmacy and a concert company. Agentur Brasilia* I Edition : Débora Cronemberger.

The deadline for requesting price exchange, which ended on Wednesday (22), has been extended by the Economic Secretariat. See below for the results of all changes made. I – 1 prize of R$ 500,000,00;II – 2 prizes of R$ 200,000,00;III – 3 prizes of R$ 100,000,00;IV – 4 prizes of R$ 50,000,00; V – 10 prizes at R$ 10,000.00;VI – 30 prizes at R$ 5,000.00; VII – 50 prizes worth R$ 1,000.00; VIII – 500 Price from R$ 200.00;IX – 12.000 Price from R$ 100.00. Program participants can check if they have been randomly drawn on the Nota Legal website by simply accessing the secure area with CPF and password.