Normativa Legal De La Higiene Y Seguridad Industrial En Venezuela

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There are also problems at Caracas International Airport and the surrounding area. Sometimes passengers inside the airport are approached by so-called security guards who, under the pretext of carrying out additional checks at the airport, really intend to blackmail travelers. Drug checks are also frequent at the airport, resulting in the opening of suitcases. In case of setbacks at the airport, please inform the Consulate General of Spain in writing. Driving from Caracas airport to the city can be dangerous. It is highly recommended to have arranged the airport transfer with the hotel in advance or to have a reliable means of transportation for this trip. Most industrial products and services are based on the use of physical quantities with variables that are well above the usual level of our living environment or above what the human body can support. And safety began to be fundamental in the implementation of certain industrial services such as electricity. In order to protect their safety and health, pregnant workers shall be exempted from any type of task or activity likely to endanger their life and that of their child during pregnancy.

In such a situation, the pregnant worker must be transferred from her place of work to another job whose working conditions do not interfere with the normal course of the pregnancy, without her salary being reduced or her working conditions deteriorating for this reason. The aim of this research is to examine and disseminate everything related to the development of occupational safety and accident prevention in four chapters. It is also called crude oil, crude oil or simply “crude oil”. It is present in large quantities below the surface of the earth and is used as fuel and raw material for the chemical industry. Modern industrial societies use them primarily to achieve a level of mobility on land, sea and air that was unthinkable just 100 years ago. In addition, petroleum and petroleum products are used for the production of medicines, fertilizers, foodstuffs, plastic articles, building materials, paints and textiles, as well as for the production of electricity. In May 2002, the Institute received the support of the National Executive, appointed a new president of the organization and began the process of reactivating occupational health in Venezuela; Institutional development measures for the formulation and implementation of national policies in the fields of prevention, health and safety at work and the establishment of a public system of inspection and control of working conditions and workers` health, with an overall criterion in accordance with the requirements of today`s world of work for the control and prevention of occupational accidents, and occupational diseases, established within the framework of the Venezuelan social security system. It is currently being designed.