New Dumb California Laws

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There may still be interesting complaints from gun safety advocates after the passage of SB 1327, but until those who manufacture, sell, transport or distribute illegal assault weapons and ghost weapons are afraid to cease their activities – SB 1327 will not be as effective as SB 8. California has many real problems that policymakers should be concerned about – the highest poverty rate in the country. A severe lack of housing, a prolonged drought, millions of students unable to read or do arithmetic at the school level. Lawmakers should stop tinkering with the edges and focus on creating laws that significantly improve the lives of Californians. From high heels that are illegal in Carmel to peacocks that have the right of passage in Arcadia, here are 27 strange laws in California. Just three days after that election, Newsom signed two bills to limit single-family home zoning in California, a major shift for a state with many communities that define suburban sprawl but now faces a shortage of affordable housing. The logic behind the laws may be similar, but a clear difference between SB 1327 and SB 8 emerged: Texas won. Within four weeks of his recall attempt, the Democrat signed a law mandating the gender-neutral display of children`s toys and toothbrushes in department stores, making it illegal to remove a condom without consent during sex, and paving the way for the first ban on the sale of new gasoline-powered leaf blowers and lawnmowers. All the attention Newsom has generated for the new law would be better focused on building power for real change. Instead, Newsom attempts to distort the logic of the right-wing pretzel into a progressive goal. This is stupid politics and bad law. It is essential for the U.S. legal system that, in order to bring a lawsuit, you have standing to sue or be personally affected by the act you claim to be illegal.

By giving anyone who disagrees with standing, SB 8 has used the law dangerously as a weapon. Ironically, very few lawsuits have been filed in Texas because the very existence of the law has served its purpose. At least until Dobbs is decided. The anti-abortion group Texas Right to Life, however, took the opportunity to sue for funds for abortion. The judge in the case allowed them to share findings even before the group filed their complaint. The executive director of the pro-abortion Texas Equal Access Fund and the deputy director of the Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity have issued affidavits stating that their organizations fund abortions “based on the period during which cardiac activity is generally detectable” and open abortion funds to possible lawsuits. Strangely, it is often easier to pass new laws than to remove old ones, so these smiling laws persist for years, even if they are not actually enforced. Whether these laws were enacted to prevent personal injury, reduce workers` compensation claims, or avoid any other type of lawsuit, it`s clear that these crazy California laws were created for specific reasons that are just stupid enough to make you wonder why. Some of our favorite weird California laws are as follows. Do you know of any other fun laws in California? Let us know in the comments below.

In California, legal issues seem to make headlines for one reason or another — whether it`s another celebrity divorce, a prominent figure who avoided paying taxes, or a group of wealthy people who paid bribes to enroll their children in certain universities — but we just don`t hear as much about all the weird laws as we do about the latest political gimmicks. or the Kardashians. In an effort to restore balance in the world, we`ve compiled some of the most interesting laws regarding everything from driving to hobbies to gardening (yes, gardening). But with the end of the legislature on Wednesday, it is disheartening to see that many other trivial bills are still alive. Yes, lawmakers have tackled important issues this year — proposing laws that make it easier to build housing and create jobs, tackle the climate crisis, address injustices in the justice system, and help workers take time off to care for their families. But California`s big problems are harder to solve when policymakers and their staff get bogged down in trifles. Too many bills lead to legislative confusion. The threat of costly and potentially deadly lawsuits against those who “support and support” abortion immediately restricted access to abortion in Texas. People planning abortions had to either travel or prepare to give birth. Three days after SB 1327 went into effect, the NRA didn`t even bother to issue a press release. Garcia saw the law as a fun way to help the date industry in his county, which has suffered during the pandemic from festival cancellations and a drop in the number of tourists visiting the area sipping date shakes. Fortunately, his fellow lawmakers thought about passing a milkshake law — even though date shakes, as the bill notes, are “high in fiber, iron, potassium and niacin” — and refused to put it to a vote before a key deadline early this summer.

So it`s dead for this year. But Sen. Sydney Kamlager, a Democrat from Los Angeles, said few lawmakers have delayed the bills because they fear it would affect Newsom`s political future, saying, “Lawmakers also have egos.” She said the governor was “always involved” in the legislation. And that`s why Newsom`s legislative coup is madness, and his efforts to help people who need abortion rights or gun safety would be better spent on things that have a chance to actually make a difference. It also banned filming someone near an abortion clinic for intimidation, banned secret work arrangements involving harassment or discrimination, and restricted the use of rubber bullets by police during protests. It even banned restaurants from handing out packets of ketchup and other disposable spices unless customers asked for it. This is not surprising. Progressives in general, including gun safety advocates, will not win if they abide by the rules of rights — especially if the rules of the right explicitly aim to achieve their goal of cementing minority dominance. 2. It is illegal for women to drive vehicles while wearing a household coat. Other laws deal with confusing details, such as a bill that includes a specific reference to the Space Force in every state law affecting veterans or the armed forces. The U.S.

Department of Defense has recognized the Space Force as a branch of the armed forces since 2019.