Old Stupid Laws in Oklahoma

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Most know that ignorance of the law is not a defense, but many laws are often broken and committed without knowing it. Some people think they are good citizens of the state of Oklahoma, but they regularly break laws. Check out the list below. And so, with that said, here are ten strange laws in Oklahoma City. Are there such laws in the state of Oklahoma? Of course! Whether you need to tie your car in front of a public building or it`s forbidden to keep a box of tissues in your vehicle, there are a lot of quirks in this state to walk around (via Only in Your State). Let`s take a look at some of the strangest laws that the rulers of Sooner State have in their books. We told you there are weird laws in Oklahoma! So, did you know that these things were illegal in Oklahoma? Are there any other strange laws in Oklahoma that you know of? Have you ever broken any of the above laws? Tell us! Although there is a plethora of strange laws in many states limited to the small towns they pass, Oklahoma today has a large number of strange laws passed by previous state legislatures. Imagine the motive behind promoting a law that makes it illegal to wear your boots in bed, or a law that prevents one person from taking a bite out of another person`s burger (via stupid laws). One wonders how many of these crazy laws still exist. It`s just the top ten, I`m sure there`s more, a lot more. I don`t know if this is true or not, but supposedly it is illegal to wash your underwear in a birdbath in Lawton.

I have to look and see what crazy laws we still have in the books here at Lawton, Fort Sill. In the meantime, look at some of the new laws Oklahoma passed this year: Yes, every state has its fair share of laws, most of them passed generations, that make absolutely no sense these days. Some may not have made much sense the day they were drafted and adopted, to be honest. No matter where you live or travel in the United States, you are subject to more state and local laws than any of us could ever count. While most of these laws are reasonable ways for governments to protect our people and property, you may be surprised to know that some laws really stand out from the rest. As you can see, Oklahoma still has laws in place that need to be re-evaluated. The law aims to reflect the current values of a community and to ensure the necessary protection of its people and property. Because the law is a living system in the United States, rules and regulations that are now considered archaic can be seen with new eyes with each election cycle. While the state of Oklahoma isn`t the only state with laws that need this kind of update, those who live in or visit this great state can rest assured that these ancient and strange laws will belong over time.

Even the one that forbids a store to show a photo of a hypnotized person in the town of Hawthorne (via Stupid Laws). There are strange things about Oklahoma. Not so sure? You will be after learning the strange laws of Oklahoma. In fact, if you read this list of crazy laws in the state, you might think twice about what our legislators thought when those laws were passed. This list of strange laws in Oklahoma is not for legal advice, but for pure entertainment. There may be strange laws in Oklahoma, but that doesn`t mean there`s not much to love about Sooner State. In fact, there are many benefits that come with living in Oklahoma, including the low cost of housing. Oklahoma has some of the most affordable housing in the country.

However, homes aren`t the only affordable thing in Oklahoma. With a low cost of living, almost everything in Sooner State is more affordable than in other states in the United States. In addition to affordability, residents can enjoy many other benefits, such as minimal traffic. Because the state isn`t filled with huge, overcrowded cities, there are virtually no rush hour in Sooner State. Let`s not forget the large barbecue served in the state. Oklahoma BBQ is unbeatable and is simply the best part of life in Oklahoma. Hahaha Actually, these laws are strange! Some place names are really funny! This makes it possible to review, amend or sometimes completely remove outdated and sometimes downright repressive laws. Many of the strange laws in Oklahoma are rooted in a time when people were much more prudish than they are today. And some are just misogynistic, to be honest. In Tulsa, kissing for more than three minutes is a violation of a city ordinance (about stupid laws).

In the small town of Schulter, women are allowed to play as long as they are not wearing lingerie, towel or nude. Okey-dokey. I think since Tom didn`t have a chance to catch Jerry in Cartoonland, he moved to OKC and convinced the mayor to pass anti-dog laws. Oklahoma City, OK – Like many across the country, I want to visit Oklahoma`s largest city. Or as Russell Westbrook likes to say: OKC is the best city in the world! However, before visiting a new city, I usually familiarize myself with its fundamental laws. But another thing Oklahoma is known for is all the crazy laws and weird laws that are somehow still in the books today. That`s right, these outdated and completely ridiculous laws are still enforceable in some parts of Sooner State and ignorance of the law is no excuse! According to sections 21-1700 of the Oklahoma laws, it is illegal for any person to promote, participate in, or be employed at a bear fighting show or horseback riding tour. Every person who contravenes the provisions of this section is guilty on conviction of an offence punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for a period not exceeding one year or a fine of not more than $2,000, or both. These are just a few of the crazy and strange laws that are still in effect in Oklahoma. Click Play in the video below to learn more about the top 10 most ridiculous, crazy, and crazy laws or rules in Sooner State. The strange laws in Oklahoma aren`t the only thing that sets the state apart from others.

Sooner State has several distinctive features. For starters, Route 66 crosses the state. The iconic highway is by far one of the most famous roads in the country. The street, which lives up to its reputation, is lined with beautiful views, including vast plains. Oklahoma is also known for its abundance of artificial lakes. There are more than 200 artificial lakes in Sooner State. From iconic fishing spots like Eufaula and Hefner Lakes to scenic waters like Broken Bow and Great Salt Plains Lakes, there`s no shortage of opportunities for water lovers. These are some of the strange laws of the “land of the red man” that exist in state and local regulations. Most of these laws made sense when they were written years ago, and lawmakers felt they were meant to protect someone or something when they were enacted. However, due to changing times, these laws remain neglected and no one really cares about enforcing them.

The state`s largest metropolitan areas are no strangers to strange laws. In fact, some of the strangest laws can be found in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City books. For example, Tulsa has prohibited the law from opening a bottle of soda without the supervision of a licensed engineer (via Stupid Laws). This city also prohibits taking an elephant for a walk in the city center. Strange laws aren`t the only strange things in Oklahoma. Do you need proof? Take a look at the strangest things that happened in Oklahoma. But these are not the only strange laws that still exist nationwide. You can go to jail for making faces at a dog in Oklahoma.

Or will you face a penalty if you`re caught reading a comic book behind the wheel of a car. Are you planning to start a career in whaling? Not in this state. Leaders in the state capital, Oklahoma City, put an end to this. But small towns still have some pretty strange laws in Oklahoma. In Bwarmide Township, children are not allowed to tie capes around their bodies and jump off a roof pretending to be a superhero (via Stupid Laws).